Once you have your presentation content ready, it's time to practice in PitchVantage! This article takes you through the process to set up a practice. 

You will be on Practice screen as soon as you log into the PitchVantage web application (not the online dashboard at www.pitchvantage.com).

  • Set your presentation time by clicking the arrowor directly typing the number
  • If you present with slides, click Yes then click Add slides
  • Click Next. You are half way through the setting!

In the second half of setting,

  • Select a Room
  • Select the type of presentation you will be delivering
  • Select the type of audience you will be presenting to
  • Select Next

Lastly, before you start presenting, go through the quick TIPS that we have prepared for you to perform well. Also, click the arrow on the right of the screen to get familiar with the keyboard controls you will click during presentation. Check out the tips on what to do if you become nervous and forget what to say.

When you are ready, click Begin. Good luck!