This article takes you through the whole process of getting PitchVantage software ready on your Windows laptop.

First, click the link to register a user account.

  • For student users, check your course syllabus, professor emails, or LMS (D2L, Canvas, Blackboard, etc.) for the registration link
  • For corporate users, check emails or materials from your training supervisor for the registration link

Email if you can't find the registration link.

Fill out the registration form and click "Create Account" at the bottom of the screen. Once you have successfully created a user account, you will see the webpage shown below. Click the first link to download PitchVantage application. If you accidentally closed the webpage, don't worry! We sent the exact same instructions to the email that you entered during account registration. Look for an email from PitchVantage and click the first link to download PitchVantage application.  

Next, enter the email address and the password you set during account registration > Click Login. Then click "Download" on the left > click "Download". The software will start downloading automatically. 

Click PitchVantage_Setup.exe file on the bottom left corner once download is completed. 

*Click here for help if you cannot find the downloaded file.

Windows 10 users may receive the message box below. Click More Info > Click Run anyway.

If you receive a similar message, click Yes or Run.

Click I accept the agreement > Click Next.

Click Next.

Click Next.

Click Next.

Click Next.

Click Install.

Click Next.

Click I Agree.

Important: Leave all 3 boxes checked. Then click Next.

If it doesn't allow you to check the top box "Remove previous version", you can leave it unchecked but make sure the other two are checked.

Click Install.

Click Next.

Click Finish.

Click Finish.


PitchVantage software is ready to go on your laptop! 

Important: Before you start using PitchVantage, adjust your laptop's sound recording setting.