If you viewed your video replay and some of the speech was not captured by the charts (i.e.showing pause where there is speech, not showing pitch), most likely your recording had background noise. Please go through the list below and make changes that are applicable to you. 

1. Headset connection:

2. For Windows users only: check if your sound driver needs an update.

Click Start > go to Device Manager > Double click Sound, video, and game controllers > Right click your sound driver > Click Update driver

3. Adjust sound recording settings if you have not done so. (Windows | Mac)

4. Go back to PitchVantage app > Click Settings on top right corner of the app screen and click Headset Settings. Make sure the microphone shown in the dropdown menu is the one that you have adjusted.

Now record a 30-second session in PitchVantage. Try to record in a quiet place. If background noise is gone during video playback, your issue is resolved!

If the issue persists, please follow the 2 steps below to find the problem source.


1. Test if PitchVantage is working: Close PitchVantage and make a recording on your laptop with headset on. 

  • If you hear no background noise in the video playback, it means PitchVantage isn't working. We apologize for the inconvenience, please immediately email support@pitchvantage.com to report the issue. 
  • If your playback has clear background noise, it means the issue comes from your laptop or headset. Please follow step 2.

2. Test if your headset is working: Make a recording on a different device with the same headset.

  • If you hear no background noise in the video playback, it means your headset is fine but your laptop's sound driver isn't working. Please email us at support@pitchvantage.com so we can help you find a solution.
  • If your playback has clear background noise, most likely your headset is causing the noise. Use a different headset to practice in PitchVantage.