Please follow the 2 steps below to figure out the exact problem source.

1. Test if PitchVantage is working: Close PitchVantage and make a recording on your laptop with headset on

  • If your recording is as good as the recording sample attached at the bottom, it means PitchVantage isn't working. We apologize for the inconvenience, please immediately email to report the issue. 
  • If your recording is worse than the sample recording or there is no sound at all, it means the issue comes from your laptop or headset. Please follow step 2.

2. Test if your laptop is working: Close PitchVantage, unplug headset, and make a recording on your laptop.

  • If your recording quality is fine, mostly likely your headset is broken. Please use a different headset to practice.
  • If your recording quality is poor or there is no sound at all, most likely your laptop's sound driver isn't working. Please contact us at so we can help you figure out a solution.