Online dashboard lets you easily manage all aspects of your account with two main functions of tracking your points on Home page and conducting peer review activities on Videos page.

The Online Dashboard works on Google Chrome and Firefox browserLog into your account using the same credential you created during account registration. After logging in, you'll be directed to the online dashboard homepage. From there, you can:
  • Under Home tab, View Performance History
  • Under Licenses tab, Track License Status
  • Under Videos tab, Upload videos and conduct Peer Review activities
  • Under Profile tab, Update Personal Profile
  • Under Support tab, Contact Support & Coordinator

Home - View Performance History

Here you can see performance overview, score history, and your improvement %. Under performance section, you can easily view side by side how you are progressing compared to your peers. "My Rank" represents the ranking of your average compared with the averages from other peers using PitchVantage within your training section.

Most importantly, on the right side of your performance chart, you can see your total points earned so far. This is the number you want to check frequently because you need to achieve certain points to complete your training! As for how many points, that is decided by your trainer (if you are not required to reach certain points, this is still a very good reflection of your training progress). 

If you believe the points are incorrect, please contact us immediately at to get this right. But please note that you need to be online while using PitchVantage so that your scores are uploaded and saved on PitchVantage server. 

Licenses - Track License Status

Here you can view your license detail and reset your license if needed. In the example below, it shows that the license is currently active and will expire on April 28, 2017.

Profile - Update Personal Profile

Here you can view and update your personal details.

Support - Contact Support & Coordinator

Here you can submit an issue directly to PitchVantage support team, contact your designated license coordinator, and link to the PitchVantage customer support homepage.