Under Users tab, you can issue licenses to new users and manage your current users.

Invite New Users

Click Users > Click Invite User

  • Enter the email addresses of the people/users you want to invite. 
  • You can enter multiple addresses; you can copy and paste a batch of emails from another document source. 
  • Each email needs to be separated by a comma, but *do not* place any punctuation after the last email address in your list. 

Select License Set. In the example below, License Set #71 is the only license set available. 

Click Invite and the system will send an invitation email to each of the users you entered. The user will register an account, download and install PitchVantage, and start practicing with PitchVantage.

Manage Current Users

Click Users > Click List Users. There are two categories of current users: those who have registered an account with PitchVantage (Applause Test Cycle 1 Users) and those who have not yet registered (Unregistered Users). Please note that "Applause Test Cycle 1" is the name of the company in this example.The name in your account will be your company name + department name.

Click Unregistered Users. You will see the list of users you have sent a license to, but have not yet registered an account with PitchVantage.

Click Applause Test Cycle 1 Users. This is the list of users who have registered a PitchVantage account. Let's now explore how to manage these users.

If you want to search for a particular user, type user name or email address in the search bar > Click SearchFor example, you want to find Jordan. All you need to do is type Jordan and click Search.

After finding Jordan, you can now view his basic info: Name, Email, License set, Job title, Job Function, User Status, License Status, and account registration date.

There are 3 types of User StatusActivePending, and Invalid.
  • Active means the user has registered an account and logged into PitchVantage.
  • Pending means the user has registered an account but never logged into PitchVantage.
  • Invalid means the user can no longer log into the online dashboard.

There are 5 types of License StatusActiveExpired, Renewed, ResetInvalid.
  • Active means the user can login to PitchVantage.
  • Expired means this user's license has passed its expiration and must be renewed for the user to continue using PitchVantage.
  • Renewed means this user's license has been renewed and a newer license is available for the user.
  • Reset means the user's license association has been reset and can be re-activated by the user.
  • Invalid means the user cannot use PitchVantage.

Under Action, you can take the following actions to manage users:

 -- View user

    After clicking view user icon, you will be able to see detailed information of this user.

  • Click Edit User on top right corner of the webpage to edit user information.
  • Under User's Licenses tab, you can view all of the licenses this user has used or is using.
  • Under Machines tab, you can see the details of the user's laptop configuration.

 -- Invalidate User

If you need to invalidate a user, click this button. After invalidating, this user will never be able to login to PitchVantage or online dashboard with the credential that he/she created.

 -- Renew User License

If you want to renew the license for a user, click this button. Select a license from a license set you want to use and click Send Renewal Invite

 -- Resend Invite

For pending users (those who have registered an account but never logged into PitchVantage), you can click this button to remind them of registering account with PitchVantage and starting to practice.

 -- Cancel Invite

You will only see this button for Unregistered Users. If you decide that this user will no longer use PitchVantage, click this button to cancel the invite.