As the coordinator, you can easily manage your trainees through PitchVantage online dashboard. The Online Dashboard works on Google Chrome and Firefox browser. Log into your coordinator account using the same credential you created during coordinator account registration. After logging in, you'll be directed to the online dashboard homepage. From there, you can:

  • Stay on the Home page to view a summary of trainee practice history
  • Click Reports to view and download detailed trainee practice report (instructions below)
  • Click Users to manage current users and invite new users
  • Click Licenses to manage purchased licenses and renew licenses for your trainees (instructions below)
  • Click Rubrics to upload/create a grading rubric for peer review activities
  • Click Profile to update personal information
  • Click Support to contact our dedicated support team

Reports -- View and download individual & group reports

Click Reports. You will see an overall practice summary for all trainees. If you would like to view the reports in an excel spreadsheet, click the blue Download button to download the report. One metric in the report is Improvement %. 
Improvement % = Average of 4 highest scores / Average of 4 lowest scores - 1

If you'd like to view the report for a particular license set, click the license set that you would like to view under License Set#.

You can download report for each license set by clicking the blue Download button.

Click here to see instructions on how to view your trainees' uploaded videos and peer review comments.

Licenses -- Manage purchased licenses & renew user license

To manage purchased licenses, click License > click List Licenses. From there, you can view details of the licenses that you have purchased. All of the licenses are grouped into one or more license sets, and each license set is specifically named based on your training needs.

In the example below, 150 licenses have been purchased and split into two sets:  #23 and #22. License set #22 includes a total of 50 licenses and all 50 have been distributed and used by the trainees. A license is used after a trainee successfully logs into PitchVantage for the first time. If you want to see the details of this license set, click  under Action. It will show you all the users under this license set. 

To renew licenses for your trainees, click License > Click Renew User License. Enter the email address of your trainee and select a license set to send a renewal invite. You can enter multiple addresses. Each email needs to be separated by a comma, but *DO NOT* place any punctuation after the last email address in your list.