For Windows users:

  • Windows 7 and 8 users: Open Computer
  • Windows 10 users: Open This PC

Then click Local Disk (C:) > Click Users > Click your PC user name > Click AppData (it's hidden if you don't see it. Click here for help to unhide) > Click LocalLow > Click PitchVantage > Click PitchVantage (again) > Find the Session Folder of the practice session video that you want to submit > Click that Session Folder.


Copy Presentation.avi file and paste it on your desktop.

Click Attach File buttonin the email > Select the Presentation.avi file from your desktop.

For Mac users:

First, log into PitchVantage app > Clicktab on top. 


Decide which video session you want to upload and click VIEW button of that session. 



Click Upload.



Click Continue > After upload is complete, click OK.

*Note: If you receive "Invalid Token" message, simply restart PitchVantage and the upload will be completed automatically.

Close PitchVantage app and go to Desktop. Click Go > Click Go to Folder... at bottom of the list.

Copy and paste the following path into the pop up box: 

~/Library/Application Support/unity.PitchVantage.PitchVantage

Find and click the Session Folder of the practice session video you want to submit. Copy and paste the presentation.mp4 file to your desktop.

Click Attach File buttonin the email > Select the presentation.mp4 file from your desktop.