First, please check email from your instructor, LMS folders (D2L, Canvas, Blackboard, etc.), or syllabus to find the registration link for your course. Shoot an email if the link doesn't work or you had no luck finding it.

Fill out the registration form and click Create Account at the bottom. Once you have successfully created a user account, you will see the Account Created message. 

Next, log into PitchVantage web version (where you do your practice sessions). It currently only works on laptops (no tablets or phones) with Google Chrome and Firefox browser.  

Important: a small window may pop up asking for your permission to access microphone and camera, click Allow.

Enter the email address and password that you created during account registration, then click Login.

After logging in, the Settings page will pop up the first time you open PitchVantage:

  • If you have already adjusted sound recording settings, click Next.
  • If you have not adjusted sound recording settings, we highly recommend that you click Adjust Recording Settings and follow the instructions to adjust settings.

You are all set to practice!