Some of you may see the same screen shown below. This is your online dashboard where you can view class performance and conduct peer review activities, but you can't record videos in here. To record a video, you need to download PitchVantage application and open the software.

For Windows users:

Double click the PitchVantage icon on your desktop  to launch the software.

(If you have chosen not to create a desktop icon, type PitchVantage in the search bar on the start menu. You should be able to find the application.)

For Mac users:

Click Launchpad  > Open PitchVantage. 


Troubleshoot if you face issues launching PitchVantage.

If you have yet to download the software, please follow the 3-step guide below:


Step 1: Download the latest version of PitchVantage. Enter the email and password you created during registration after opening the following link


Step 2: Before using PitchVantage, you must adjust sound recording settings. Windows | Mac

Step 3: Open the PitchVantage application and log in with the email and password you created during registration.


Friendly reminders when you practice:

-You must use a headset with a microphone

-Disconnect your laptop from its docking station if you have one

-Practice in a quiet place

-Speak loud and clear