First, you need to register a PitchVantage user account by clicking the weblink that your instructor provides. Check your course syllabi or the platform that your school uses (Canvas, D2L, Blackboard, etc.) for the link. If you purchased from the University Bookstore, the bookstore should send you the link. 

If you mistyped email address during registration, please email with both correct and incorrect email addresses. We will switch for you. 

After registering an account, please follow the 3-step guide below:


Step 1: Download the latest version of PitchVantage. Enter the email and password you created during registration after opening the following link


Step 2: Before using PitchVantage, you must adjust sound recording settings. Windows | Mac

Step 3: Open the PitchVantage application and log in with the email and password you created during registration.


Friendly reminders when you practice:

-You must use a headset with a microphone

-Disconnect your laptop from its docking station if you have one

-Practice in a quiet place, speak loud and clear