Open Google Chrome or Firefox as your web browser.

Log into PitchVantage web application (where you create practice sessions) > Click Review tab on top.


Decide which video session's content feedback you want to view and click VIEW button of that session. 



Click Upload or Content depending on your PitchVantage version.



Click Continue. If you see the message below, your video has been uploaded to PitchVantage Online Dashboard successfully. Then click the hyperlinked Dashboard in the message. 

The Online Dashboard works on Google Chrome and Firefox browser. Log into PitchVantage online dashboard and click Videos.

Under My Videos, click the Content Score of the video you want to view. If it shows In Process, give the system a few more minutes to process your score, then reload the page.

Click Detailed Review on the category that you scored low to start with. From there, you can look at content feedback along with your video replay to improve on your weak areas.