In most cases, an anti-virus software or a Google Chrome ad blocker extension would cause this error message. If you have anti-virus software Kaspersky installed on your laptop, please follow the steps below to unblock PitchVantage:

1. Update the Kaspersky antivirus by clicking on Database update button on the Kaspersky home window.

2. Go to Settings -> Protection -> Web anti virus -> Advanced settings.
  • Click on Manage Exclusions under URL Advisor
  • Click on Add button, delete everything in the textbox for Web address mask and type and click add
  • Repeat above step and add

3. Go to Settings -> Additional -> Network
  • Click on manager exclusions under encrypted connection scanning
  • Click on Add button, type under domain name and click add

4. Go to Settings -> Additional -> Network
  • Click on select option next to "monitor selected ports only"
  • Select port 443 and click delete

5. Restart chrome browser and launch

If the above instructions don't work or you don't know what is blocking PitchVantage, please contact us right away. We will find out for you.