This instruction article is only for classes where PitchVantage LTI tool has already been added to the Course 

First, log into your Blackboard instructor account > Click Courses.

Click on the course you will use PitchVantage in.

Under Course Content, click PitchVantage to directly log into your PitchVantage instructor account.

Your PitchVantage instructor dashboard will open in a new tab, click Reports to view your class performance.

Once students complete their practices in PitchVantage application, PitchVantage will post student's grades to blackboard account automatically. In your LMS Click on Grades > Click On the Course.  Your Gradebook page will open

Under Gradable Items, if students grades have been submitted by PitchVantage you will see  Post Grades button. Make Sure to click on this if you see the button.  Once you post grades, Students will be able to see their grades. You can also click on Students tab next to Gradable Items and click on student name to see their individual grade.

You can also click on the PitchVantage button under Gradable Items, PitchVantage will open in a new tab, click Grades tab as shown in image belowthis tab provides names of all students and their grade status. Students whose grades have not been posted either have not completed PitchVantage assignments or are yet to launch PitchVantage from their LMS for grade to be posted.

If you run into any issues, email right away for help.