Open Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge as your web browser. Log into the PitchVantage web application (where you practice).

Click Review tab on top. Decide which video session you want to upload and click VIEW button of that session.

Note: if you don't see any sessions, click Practice tab on top to record a video in PitchVantage first. You cannot upload outside videos.

Click Upload.



Click Continue. If you see the message below, your video has been uploaded to PitchVantage Online Dashboard successfully. Then click Dashboard.

From here, you should see all the videos that you have uploaded. If not, please email for help.

*To update your default time zone in PitchVantage, click Profile tab on top > Select Timezone.

Finally, to edit your video title, click on the notepad icon next to the video title.

Type the new video title and click Save.