We require all of our users to put on a headset with microphone during recording, because doing so will help you eliminate background noise, giving you accurate PitchVantage scores and useful feedback. Please see instructions below on how to connect:

  • Headset with jack(s)
  • USB Headset
  • Bluetooth Headset 

Headset with jack(s) 


  • If your laptop has two audio jacks, please use a headset with two jacks. If you only have single jack headset, get an adapter.


USB Headset 

Connect your USB headset (such as Logitech) to a USB port on your laptop. 


Bluetooth Headset

Connect your Bluetooth headset (such as Apple AirPods) to your laptop by following the instructions of your Bluetooth headset brand.

Important: some Bluetooth headsets are NOT optimized for recording and you can hear loud background noise of static and surrounding noises during video playback. If this happens, please switch to a headset with jack or USB headset.

Lastly, Plug in your headset and go back to finish adjusting the settings. 

(Windows users: see below if a window pops up after you plug in the headset)

For Windows users, Realtek HD Audio Manager may pop up on your computer.

Check Headphone/Headset > Click OK.

Click OK.

Go back to finish sound recording adjustment.