Email your rubric for each assignment and PitchVantage team is happy to customize for you.

Log into using Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

*Note: If PitchVantage is integrated with your course LMS (Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard, D2L), simply log into your LMS account and launch PitchVantage from your course assignment page.

Click Rubrics on top > Rubrics.

Create New Rubric.

Add to License Set: which course section is this rubric for?

Copy data from rubric: no action here

Rubric Title: give it a name

Rubric Type: is this a presentation or a response? Response has no visual aids.

Create and Edit.

Click into the rubric you just created and follow three steps below to customize.

Step 1: rubric structure

Click Edit Rubric.

Add new criteria (top left) and sub-criteria (top right):

To add a new criteria, type the new criteria in Add Criteria box and enter the percent weight the new criteria is worth in the Weight(%) box. Then click Save.

To add a new sub-criteria, select the criteria that the new sub-criteria belongs to from dropdown menu.

Edit existing criteria (bottom left) and sub-criteria (bottom right):

To delete an existing criteria/sub-criteria in the rubric, click trash can icon then click Save All.

To rename an existing criteria/sub-criteria in the rubric, directly type in Criteria box and click save icon.

To reassign criteria/sub-criteria weights, type a new number in the Weight (%) box then click Save All. The total weight has to add up to 100%.

Once you finish customizing the rubric structure, click Rubric: License Set # to go back to the Rubric main page.

Step 2: Rubric File

This is where you can add rubric details. Under Rubric File, Click Upload New > Select File. Open your new rubric file, then click Upload file.

Step 3: Ratings and Grade Score

Click Edit Ratings to change number of stars.

  • Quantitative: students see final scores
  • Qualitative: students do not see final scores

Click Edit Grade Score to give this assignment a total score.