First, log into your Blackboard instructor account > Click Courses.

Click on the course you want to add PitchVantage as a tool in.

Click Content. Under Content area in your course, select Build Content > PitchVantage.

Graphical user interface

Description automatically generated

On the edit form,

Under INFORMATION section:

  • Enter Name (PitchVantage) and Description

Under GRADING section:

  • Enable Evaluation: Yes
  • Fill out the rest: Points Possible, Visible to Students (yes), and Due Date

Under OPTIONS section:

  • Permit Users to View this Content: Yes

Important: Before submitting, take a screenshot of the filled information and email to now! We need this information to finish setting up grading for you.

Then click Submit.

Important: Finally, copy the complete URL and email to now! We need the URL to finish adding PitchVantage to your course.

Each course section has a unique URL. So if you are using PitchVantage for multiple courses or multiple course sections, please email the URL for each course section to now!

Once students complete their practices in PitchVantage application, PitchVantage will post students grades to blackboard account. The grades will be visible under Course > Grade Center.