Step 1 (of 3): microphone and camera

First, check quickly to make sure you have turned on both microphone and camera for PitchVantage meeting. All three buttons at the bottom should appear in blue.

Audio: can your teammates hear you clearly? If not, you may need to select a different mic.

Video: can you see yourself clearly? If not, you may need to select a different camera.

If you experience echo, use a headset.

Step 2: add slides (if applicable)

Click the + button > Take presenter (if applicable) > Upload a presentation.

To change slides during presentationclick the + button > Take presenter. Then press the right or left arrow key.

Step 3: Rehearse, then record

Rehearse before you record to avoid retakes. Once ready, click Start Recording. 

You can pause recording if necessary.

Once done, click End Recording. This will end the recording as well as the meeting.

Your group presentation video will be available in the online dashboard after a few minutes. If your team is unsatisfied with the recording and would like to try again, click Re-schedule in the online dashboard to schedule a new meeting.

Go team! If any questions come up, email for help.