Part 1 (of 2): Schedule and join a Group Presentation

Open Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge as your web browser.

First, go to and log into your PitchVantage online dashboard > Click Videos tab on top > Click My Group Presentations.

*Note: If PitchVantage is integrated with your course LMS (Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard, D2L), simply log into your LMS account and access PitchVantage from your course assignment page. Then click into the group presentation assignment to get to My Group Presentations page in PitchVantage.

Next, find your group presentation and click Click to Schedule.

Select Time Zone, Date, and Time, then click the Save icon.

*To update your default time zone in PitchVantage, click Profile tab on top > Select Timezone.

"Are you sure you want to schedule the presentation on the selected time?" Click OK.

You have successfully scheduled a group presentation meeting for your team. As long as one member schedules a time, you will see the meeting time details AND the link to join the meeting.

*To re-schedule the meeting, simply click the existing meeting time and enter a new Time Zone, Date, and Time, then click the Save icon.

At the scheduled time, come back here, find your group presentation and click Join Meeting.

Are you sure you want to join the presentation? OK.

The Pop-ups may be blocked. Please allow.

Part 2: recording a group presentation

How does group presentation work in PV overall?

Just like a Zoom or Microsoft Teams online meeting, you and your team member(s) will be in an online team meeting. Rehearse as a team first using the tools available. When you are ready, record your group presentation. Once done, your group presentation video along with slides (if applicable) will be available in your PitchVantage online dashboard for your team and your instructor to view.

Below are three best practices as you start rehearsing and recording the group presentation with your team member(s):

1. Make sure your microphone and webcam work before you do anything else

Mic: Do the quick echo test at the beginning when PV asks how you would like to join the audio. If you hear the echo after speaking a few words, your mic is ready to go. If not, click No (thumb down) to select a different mic and speaker source to test. If nothing works, email for help.

Cam: turn on your cam to see if it works. If no camera works, email for help. 

2. Upload and change slides; play an external video

Overall rule: if you would like to change slides and/or play an external video during the group presentation, you need to click Take presenter first.

Upload slides before your group presentation recording: click the + button > Take presenter (if applicable), then click Upload a presentation to directly upload your slides in ppt, pptx, and pdf format.

During the presentation, when you need to change slides: click the + button > Take presenter (if applicable). Then press the right or left arrow key to change slides.

During the presentation, when you need to play an external video: click the + button > Take presenter (if applicable) > Share an external video. Insert the video URL and click Share a new video. Once done playing the video, click Stop External Video.

3. Rehearse, then record

Once your team is ready to present, MAKE SURE to click Start Recording button to capture the presentations. You can pause recording if necessary. Once done, MAKE SURE to click End Recording button. This will end your group presentation recording as well as your group online meeting.

Your group presentation video will be available in the online dashboard after a few minutes. If your team is unsatisfied with the recording and would like to try again, click Re-schedule in the online dashboard to schedule a new meeting.

Go team! If any questions come up, email for help.