Part 1: Create Assignments

Open Google Chrome or Firefox as your web browser.

First, log into PitchVantage Online Dashboard using your coordinator credentials and click Assignments on top.

Click Create New button on top right. From there, follow the instructions to create new assignment. When you finish, click Submit. Once the new assignment is submitted, it will appear under the assignment list.

You can edit assignment(s) anytime you want, just click the assignment title directly. You can delete assignment by clicking trash can icon under Action column. However, you cannot delete assignment if someone has already submitted video for the assignment. 

If you need to create an assignment that is similar to an existing assignment, click Copy from existing button on top right. Select the license set to which you want to copy existing assignments > Select the assignment(s) you want to copy > Click Copy Selected.

The copied assignment(s) will appear on top of the assignment list. Now you can edit the copied assignment and change it to a new assignment.

Once your assignment is created, it automatically shows in your students' PitchVantage web application.

Part 2: Grade Assignments

Open Google Chrome or Firefox as your web browser.

First, log into PitchVantage online dashboard using your coordinator credentials and click Reports on top.

Select the corresponding License Set #.


Find the student you are looking for and click View under Assignments column. 

Find the assignment that you want to grade and click Video of that assignment.

Please note: video submissions are in Central Time (CT) for all users within United States and Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) for all users outside of United States.

From there, you can start posting comments and grading the assignment.

  • On the left screen, click Play button to play the video
  • On the right screen, post your comments for the video

The easiest way to comment: While watching the video, you can start posting your comment in the comment box. The video will automatically pause while you are typing and automatically resume after you press enter to post comment. Your comments are time coded to the video so your students can easily see the exact time in the video when you posted the comment.


You can Edit or Delete any comments you posted.

Once you've finished watching and commenting the video, scroll down the web page:

  • On the left side of the screen, you can grade your student's performance based on rubric
  • On the right side of the screen, type an overall text comment on the assignment and click Post 

Important: you are required to post the typed or video overall comment to trigger an automatic email notification to your student informing that his/her assignment has been reviewed by you.

To view the rest of this student's submitted video assignments, directly click next video at the top-right corner of the web page.

To continue commenting next student's video assignments, directly click the next student's name at the top-center position of the web page.

Upon receiving the email notification, your students will view your comments. They can easily see your time-coded comments as caption at the bottom of the video. 


Your students may reply to your comments if they need clarification or have questions. You can log back into your online dashboard anytime to view and answer their questions! Look specifically for the comments you posted that have replies.


Finally, if you are not satisfied with the assignment quality and would like the student to re-submit a better video, you can log into PitchVantage online dashboard > click Reports on top > Select the corresponding License Set # > click View under Assignments column > Find the assignment that you want the student to re-submit and clickicon under Action column.