Stripe empowers PitchVantage payments. Please use Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge as your web browser during registration and check your firewall/anti-virus software. Below are common card payment issues and solutions:

All fields required
Please type your information in each field. Do not use the auto-population function, sometimes PitchVantage does not recognize them.

Expiration date format issue
Please enter the date in MM/YY format. If it's a single digit number for the month, put in a zero first; then put the last two digits of the expiration year.

Zip code mismatch
Authorization with your card issuer was successful, but the transaction was declined due to a ZIP code mismatch with the address on file with your card-issuing bank. 
Please check with your card bank issuer to double-check if the zip matches on file with them. Sometimes, asking your bank to do a card refresh resolves the issue.