Add Slides / Visual aids

Modified on Wed, 13 Sep 2023 at 09:59 AM

You can add your slides in Powerpoint or PDF format.

Log into using Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

Note: If PitchVantage is integrated with your course LMS (Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard, D2L), simply log into your LMS account and launch PitchVantage from your course assignment page.

  • Click into an assignment (if applicable)
  • Click Yes next to Add Slides
  • Click Add Slides
  • Click Add New Slides
  • Click Open after finding your slide file
  • Click Upload

If you want your slides to appear during the entire practice session, select Video Conference room environment. This environment mimics online presentations.

During your practice, press the spacebar to refer to slides. Press the right arrow to advance to the next slide. In an in-person environment, slides automatically disappear after 5 seconds so that you don't completely read off of slides and have no eye contact with your audience.

After completing a practice session with slides, click Review Video on the right side of the Result page. In the lower right corner, click Analysis in the Eye Contact box. This will allow you to view your video in sync with your slides and associated feedback.

After you upload/submit your video with slides, you and your instructor or administrator will be able to see the video with your slides directly underneath. To upload/submit your video:
  • Click Review at top-center
  • Click VIEW for the session you want to upload/submit
  • Click Submit or Upload button depending on your PitchVantage version

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