There are four common reasons why your webcam is not showing an image.

  • Your laptop does not have an internal webcam
  • Webcam disabled
  • Webcam drivers are not updated
  • Privacy setting

Please see instructions below to fix the problem. If none of them worked, try using webcam in other applications such as Skype.

  • If the webcam does work in other applications, please email this bug to us at 
  • If the webcam does NOT work in other applications either, please call your laptop manufacturer to figure out the problem.

1. No Internal Webcam

You must use a laptop with a built-in webcam, or plug in an external webcam and follow your manufacturer's directions to connect your webcam and laptop.

2. Webcam Disabled 

If you see the image below, your camera is disabled.

For Mac users:

  • If you have never used the webcam, make sure FaceTime is activated on your laptop.
  • If your webcam worked before, reboot your laptop. If rebooting is not an option, use a command line force quit.

For Windows users:

Some laptops have webcam buttons on the keyboard. Tap the button to enable the webcam. If you cannot find this button, enable the camera through the Control Panel:

Click Start > Go to Device Manager > Find Imaging devices or Camera > Click the plus icon on the left.

Right click Integrated Webcam / Camera > Click Enable.

Your webcam is now enabled.

3. Webcam drivers are not updated

Click Start > Go to Device Manager > Find Imaging devices > Click the plus icon on the left.

Right click Integrated Webcam / Camera > Click Update Driver Software.

Allow Windows to search automatically for updated driver software 

Follow the recommendations you receive from Windows, otherwise, you'll see the message below: 

If you received a separate disk with your laptop containing the drivers for the webcam, then use your disk to update the webcam drivers, or follow up with your laptop manufacturer.

4. Privacy setting

If your laptop's privacy setting is on, it will prevent you from using webcam. Please search online to find out how to turn off the privacy setting for your laptop.