Each instructor uses a unique PitchVantage registration link shortened by Bitly. Your Professor will post the link in one of these places:

  • in an email to you regarding PitchVantage
  • in your course learning management system (D2L, Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, etc.) under Announcements, relevant modules, or a PitchVantage folder
  • in your course syllabus 

Shoot support@pitchvantage.com an email if the link doesn't work or you can't find it.

After you find the link, click to register:
  • If you are new to PitchVantage, fill out the registration form and click Create Account 
  • If you have used PitchVantage in a course already, simply click Log in on the left side of the registration page. Logging in will automatically add the new course license to your existing Pitch account

Next, log into PitchVantage web application to start practicing. 

The web version works on computers (no tablets or phones) with Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge browser.

Important: a small window may pop up asking for your permission to access microphone and camera, click Allow.

Enter the email address and password, then click LoginIf you have multiple courses using PitchVantage, please select the course you would like to practice for. You are all set to practice!